Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Thank You Card

Don't let your pictures just sit in the camera or pile up on your hard drive. Choose the best & put those photos to work for you!

Sharleen, a photographer from Georgia, wants to know how to create photo thank you cards for her kids to send to their relatives. Here's a quick tutorial.

Pick up supplies at your local Office Max, Office Depot or Staples. You'll need Print Artist software (aprox $49), heavy double sided brochure type paper, 4x8 envelopes & a paper trimmer. Don't worry, we'll be using these same supplies to make most of our photo projects. Remember, you can use Print Artist for marketing purposes, personal use or giveaways but you cannot sell the items you make using Print Artist. It violates their license.

Here's a cute 4x8 photo card & matching envelope template called Best Friends.

Add your photo...

Change the text...

and you have a really cute keepsake that Grandma can put on a fridge or in a scrapbook. Best of all, you don't have to keep nagging at the kids to write their thank you notes.

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