Thursday, September 2, 2010

Countertop Marketing Display

This post is for Lisa, a friend of a friend in California. Lisa is putting together a marketing presentation for her pet photography business and needs help with a countertop display.

"Karen, I'm using your idea for the pet modeling agency but desperately need some help with display ideas. Could you please post some samples?"

Lisa, stop by your local office supply store & pick up several 8.5 by 11 clear plastic countertop sign holders with business card holders in the bottom right corner. You can have signs printed up by your local printer or make them yoursef using Print Artist & premium, heavy, double sided brochure-type ink jet paper.

Here are some cross marketing display samples for grooming shops, animal hospitals & boutique pet stores. Make sure your marketing style enhances your business & the business you want to cross market with. Because pets are like kids you can choose from a variety of styles...child-like to modern or even elegant.

Marketing samples can be vague as to details but when you print these up for the real event make sure you include the exact date & time as well as location, directions & contact info.

Here are some bookmark sized handouts that I stack in a clear plexiglass pen holder next to the display - make sure you include your website.

Hope these samples will get your creative juices flowing. Good luck, Lisa!

Remember - You can use Print Artist to create marketing materials & giveaways but you cannot sell the items you create using Print Artist. It violates their license.

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