Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sport Picture Ideas

Jan, a photographer in Michigan, is looking for inexpensive sport picture ideas. She works at a small Christian school as an office assistant and school photographer. The sports are mainly soccer, baseball & basketball. They have a small budget and do not want to charge the parents for the pictures.

Many large commercial labs have free sports templates and inexpensive processing. If you're looking for something different or you want to involve the students in the creative process, try using the same products we used in August for the photo thank you card. Remember, you can use Print Artist for marketing purposes or for school giveaways but you cannot sell the items you create using Print Artist. It violates their license. 

Add your pictures to the photo frame templates or use the packaged clip art for a custom look.

Best of all, you can take pictures in the morning and have sports cards & team pictures ready to give out that afternoon. Good luck, Jan!

Email me at with all your photo questions.

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